Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diagnostic Essay: The Best Job I Ever Had

Diagnostic Essay
September 1,2009

My name is Aisha Terry a 26 year old mother of two attending Tidewater Community College to receive my Associates of Applied Arts certificate in Mortuary Science.I reside in Virginia Beach with my husband of one year and my two children.Im deeply devoted to my family and love them with no equivocation,which is why I have chosen to write about the best job I ever had being a mother.

I met my husband 2003 in the state of Jersey City NJ where we were both born and raised.He and I attended the same high school,knew the same friends and lived 1 block from each other for twenty years but never met.At that time I worked for Jersey City Police Department as a dispatcher and he was active duty U.S Navy stationed in Virginia Beach.We dated for two years before I relocated to Virginia and during that time we had always discussed starting a family.Truth is I already had my mind made up that I wanted to start a family and get married around age twenty eight.I thought that was the perfect age for everything for no particular reason.However I moved to Virginia in May 2005 started a new job and unexpectedly in December 2005 we found out we were pregnant.I will never forget that day,never forget the fear I felt knowing I was having a baby and thinking I had ruined my plan by carrying a child at age twenty three.Terminating this pregnancy was not an option,never was, myself and my husband wanted this child but I had my own reasons for being terrified of being held responsible for a life other than my own.

The issues that plagued me about becoming a mother are issues I have with my own mother.My mother and I did not have a good relationship.I was not raised by my mother,and I have felt since I was a child she did not want me,she had me at the very young age of fourteen.Some of the trauma I went through with my mother as child and teenager caused a lot of emotional and mental damage and I feared those things I felt were inferior about our relationship would play a part in the type of parent I turned out to be.Another issue that consumed me was I have no family in Virginia besides my husband and he is military which takes him away from home a lot so I feared being alone with my first child with no one to help me with guidance and support.

My daughter Aiyanah Gia Terry was born August 18,2006.I remember the first time I saw her at my bedside in Sentara Leigh Hospital she didn't look like she belonged to me,she was very light skinned had lots of black curly hair,slanted eyes and she was so tiny.I stared at her for the longest time thinking "who are you?" and "are you really mine?" I know how powerful an emotion such as love can be,but I spent less than an hour with baby girl and was overcome by a love I had never experienced before.I knew right then I would never give her away to anyone.I will never make her feel unwanted,I will never allow anyone to hurt her and I would give my life to protect hers.

The first couple of weeks with the new baby were rough learning the ropes of being a new mother and a family but my husband was very supportive to me and imagine our shock when we found out in two months after having our baby girl we were carrying again.My children are ten months apart in age my son is William Terry IV born June 15,2007.
Being a stay at home mother has been the greatest job in the world to me.There is no price tag or salary that can be put on what I do but the benefits I get are great,I have the security of knowing my children are safe,protected,cared for properly at all times.Im teaching them values,manners and building their character to my liking and as they get older I see them doing things on their own like counting,cleaning saying "thank you mommy" or "I love you daddy" singing songs I taught them and I feel an overwhelming sense of love and accomplishment because those things let me know Im doing something right,when I originally believed I would fail as a mother.

I love being a mother and taking care of my family,for a long time I felt like I had no place to belong to in this world,but when Im with my children and husband they bring out the best in me,they are proof that Im needed and they are getting what they need from me,I view my children as a reflection of what I put into them as a mother and they are intelligent,thriving,beautiful, have manners and they are a blessing to me.
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